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About Us


Our journey began with the purchase of a
Golden Retriever puppy 20 years ago. Little did
we know that the little puppy we took home
right before Valentines Day would lead us into
the wonderful world of Dog Shows and
Performance Events. We chose a Golden
because of their outstanding temperament and
reputation as a family dog, their ability to be
easily trained, and their beautiful Golden coat.
Our Golden Retrievers have given us
unconditional love, understanding,
companionship and some of the greatest thrills
of our lives.


Caroline was just 5 years old when we
purchased our first Golden and now she is

a Financial Planner with Lancaster Financial

in Lancaster PA. She has journeyed through Junior Showmanship and into the ring as an

accomplished Dog Show Handler. Along the way

she has helped to whelp and raise puppies and

learned to train, show and groom many different

breeds. Mary Ann began the journey just wanting a
great family dog with which she could try and
get a Companion Dog title. That dog "Mikey"
opened a world of Dog Training, Canine
Ambassadors, and Dog Shows that will forever
be a part of our lives.

We welcome you to join us on our journey as
we CELEBRATE with our Golden Retrievers.

Celebrate Golden
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